Very successful start to the season


Jerzy is delighted with his first ever competitive car race in the Clio Cup France in Nogaro.

This two-day competition: qualifying in the morning and the race in the afternoon, showed how much Jerzyk has learned during many years in karting and how well team UNIQ Racing has prepared the car.

During Sunday?s quali, the weather was foggy and cold. The track was very slippery and it was very difficult to warm up the tyres. Because of this many drivers had problems and a few of them ended up on the gravel which caused two red flags and one full course yellow. After the 2nd red flag there was only 5 minutes remaining.

Jerzy qualified in 13th position due to one slip up.

Sunday?s race was very stressful for Jerzy. He overtook two competitors right of the grid, and one more later in the race.

You can watch this race on Jerzyk YT channel.

Jerzy ended up finishing 10th in a group of 26 drivers. The only Pole in the top 10. And the youngest!

In Monday?s quali, Jerzy set his fastest time and qualified in an excellent 10th position.

At the beginning of the race broken starting lights caused a flying start behind the safety car. Jerzy lost some ground due to some confusion but still managed to finish on 10th position.

You can watch the most exiting moments as well as onboard footage on Jerzyk YT channel.

After this weekend Jerzy is 9th in the Clio Cup Europe general classification and 4th in the challenger category.