Hockenheimring – very exciting saturday!


The whole Saturday (16.05.21) was really stressful.
9am quali then two races.

First race: warmup lap on slicks. Then it started raining so we had to change tyres. Because of that the start was delayed. Jerzy had really good pace in the race.

Jerzy finished p9 but after penalyties he was p7 overall and p1 in challenger category!

The 2nd race was in dry conditions. Jerzy screwd up the start a little but later he caught up. He finished p7 overall and p3 in challenger category.

There was a lot of close fighting, so you defenitly have to see this race:

We are in the top of Clio Cup Europe! Fighting, still learning and improving.

Huge thanks to the whole UNIQ Racing team. Despite of few problems and very short breakes between races the car was perfectly prepared.

Great teamwork between Karol and Jerzy. They analize every practice and race, so Jerzy learned and improved a lot.

It was a great weekend. Next race is Hungaroring after a long break.