Podium on circuit Paul Ricard !

Last weekend I was competing in Clio Cup Europe on circuit Paul Ricard in France.
What a weekend it was. This competition was together with F1 french GP. The entire background of this event: COVID tests, security, adrenaline!
Waking up at 6am to be on track at 8am, prepare the car for practice, quali or race at 9am. And we didn’t have air conditioning in our hotel 😟 ( it was +32°C ).

But it was worth it. I am really happy with my result in both races. Saturday’s race was really difficult. On the start I got hit from the back and almost spun but luckily I saved it. It could have been the end of the race for me. After really hard battle i finished p14 from p16.

Sunday’s race was different. I started p12
( good job in quali 🙂 ) And right from the start I was in top 10.
I finished p7 overall and p3 in challenger category. Podium!!! I was standing on the podium in front of all spectators on the circuit. It felt amazing. Few hours later Sergio Perez was standing in the same place.

You can watch both races on YT. It’s really worth watching them.This is real racing – almost 40 drivers and everyone wants to win! Me too 🙂

Now I have 2 weeks brake, workouts and working on the car.
Next race is Hungaroring 9-11.07.2021.