Changes in the starting callendar !!!

Nothing stays the same, everything changes. And in this case, for the better, much better.

Renault Sport has announced that the race weekend at Motorland is canceled and that a race will be held at the Paul Ricard circuit instead. But it is not everything. Clio Cup Europe will pre-race the prestigious Formula 1 Emirates Grand Prix France 2021. Wow !!!

I am already looking forward to this competition. The entire Formula 1 shell, and what’s more, the spectators. Apparently, 40% of seats were allowed for viewers. I have never competed in a car race with spectators before, but I’m expecting it to be fun.

I do not know if the official television will mention something about the Clio Cup, but as always I invite you to live broadcast on the Renault Sport YouTube channel on 19-20.06.2021

We already had the opportunity to test at the Paul Ricard track in December 2020. Then my “Clio” had different design than now. But the mirrors and the air intake are orange. Nice track, fast and safe. I hope it will be lucky for me too.