Spa Francorchamps – start in Belgium

Jerzy Spinkiewicz

Spa Francorchamps. Beautiful but very difficult circuit in Belgium. It is also very long – 7km. It’s the longest track I’ve ever driven on.

It was a difficult weekend for me, but I’m quite happy with the result.

There was only one practice (there are always at least 2), and I got black flagged for track limits!! I didn’t understand why? I mean, that’s what practice is for. To see where’s the limit.

Race 1 i finished P4. But the stewards gave me 30s penalty for collision with other car. I don’t agree with their decision, but what could I do? Because of this penalty I was P9 overall and P2 in challenger category.

In race 2 I was starting from P9. I messed up the start and lost 2 positions, but then I caught up and finished P6 overall and P2 in Challenger category (P1 in Central Europe series).

Now i have 1 day off (watching GT3 24h of Spa) and then we’re going to Monza for 2 days testing.